Are you looking to travel with your child(ren), but are uneasy about juggling it all?

Do you need to travel to pick up your baby due to surrogacy, adoption or other reasons, and don't want to do it alone?

Would you like an extra set of hands so you and your spouse can still travel with your little ones, yet still enjoy your vacation as a couple as well?

We have providers who are ready and willing to travel with you!. 

(Alternatively, if you need to leave town and need someone to stay back to care for your child (ren) while you are gone, we can help with that too! Inquire about rates for round the clock in-home childcare)

$11/hour when "off duty", not responsible for responding to children or assisting parents in any capacity

$23/hour when "on duty", responsible for assisting in caring for children/responding to their needs or assisting parents antenatally (attending adoption/surrogacy information meetings, hospital/agency tours, or shopping/setting up for baby.)

All travel expenses: tickets, lodging, and meals must be paid for by client. Childcare providers can share a sleeping space/room with children, but then would be paid overnight "on duty" rate. Sleep space must be a separate room from parents.

Travel Doulas and Vacation Nannies