Sometimes situations arise, events come up, or plans change, and you find yourself in need of short term childcare. DoulaFind can help!

Our experienced adult childcare providers are able to provide temporary, interim, or event care for situations such as::

- Weddings or other large events where care is needed in a hotel or separate room for one or multiple families

- Occasional care for parents who work from home, during busy seasons

- Awaiting daycare openings not yet available

- Parent hospitalizations, travel, work overtime

- School days off, holiday vacations (not summers)

- Out of town guests with children needing care 

- Short term work situations, seasonal work, children in between summer camps/activities

Note: This care is different from Postpartum Care, and does not involve parent education, lactation assistance, household care, etc. It is strictly for the one on one care of children while parents are otherwise engaged in work or other commitments. This care is for TEMPORARY, SHORT TERM only with an 8 week limit. This is not a nanny or childcare placement service. If a client is previously a Postpartum Doula Client, a separate, new contract is necessary, and care responsibilities will shift.

When our care providers are with your child, they are engaged in play and child focused activities. Housework, laundry, and other tasks will be done as time permits. General tidying, child-related meals, and messes made during care hours will be taken care of.

Unlike nanny agencies who charge an application fee and an agency fee, we keep it simple with just a flat hourly rate. You only pay for what you need with no hidden costs or ongoing commitments.

Short Term Care up to 3 days: 

Under 2: $24/hour

Over 2: $23/hour

Additional children $2/hour/child, limit 6 children. Families with more than 6 children will be assigned a second care provider.

Longer term Care for more than 3 days up to 8 weeks

$20/hour - 1st child, $2/child thereafter

Call 715-977-0249 or email for availability

Temporary and Event Childcare