Sick Child Care

You work. Your spouse works. Your child is normally in school or in daycare, but today they are sick.

You have important meetings, out of town business, or simply just can't miss another day of work.

What do you do?

Call DoulaFind now! 

Although we are NOT healthcare professionals, we are experienced in caring for children. And unlike Nanny Agencies who charge an application fee and an agency fee, we keep it simple: just a flat hourly rate. 

What will we do when we are there?


- Monitor the child's symptoms. Administer medicine as directed by the parent, as needed

- Comfort and care for the child to keep them comfortable.  Cool washcloths, bath, warm blankets, food and drinks, change linens and pajamas as needed, etc.

- Keep the child on the path to healing. Quiet stories, movies, naptime, etc. to pass the time.

- Tidy the home, disinfecting toys & surfaces, washing clothes and linens as needed.

- Prepare a healthy meal for the family for when they arrive home, as provided and instructed by the parent

- Notify the parent if symptoms worsen, or they need to see a physician. 

What won't we do? 

- Transport a child to an appointment

- Administer care or diagnosis beyond our scope of practice.

Rates (4 hour minimum): 


Multiple children: $2/hour each additional, maximum 5 children

If more than 5 children are home ill, a second caregiver will be assigned. 

We are ready to take your call right now! 715-977-0249