The first days, weeks and months home with a new baby (or babies!) can be full of wonder and awe, but also a time of exhaustion, soreness and a bit overwhelming. Recovering from the work of birth, getting to know the ins and outs of parenthood, learning how to breastfeed, and lack of sleep can all make this time surprisingly hard. Throw in the responsibilities of meals, laundry, older siblings, and home upkeep and it can be overwhelming. What is the answer? Postpartum Doulas!

So how does DoulaFind work? We want to find a perfect Postpartum Doula match for you and your family. We look at your wants and needs, and closely match you with doulas who meet your search criteria. We provide a safe, comfortable interview location at a convenient time for everyone. Here you will meet and interview 3-4 hand selected doulas individually. We will give you sample interview questions, and ensure you feel comfortable with the process. You will be provided their resume, references and information needed to make a good decision. If you do not find a perfect fit, we will continue to set up interviews until you find the best Postpartum Doula(s) for your family.

What if we are already home with baby and don't want to do the interview process? We just need help! Yes, we are equipped to handle phone or in-home consults and place doulas in the home who are qualified to assist you and your needs. Call us and let us know what you are looking for and we will make every attempt to send you the best match to help you.

What does it cost? DoulaFind has a variety of packages to fit your needs, and all are listed below. You will purchase a package and will pay DoulaFind directly. We will pay the doula(s) providing care.

What if I have more questions about Postpartum Doulas? How do I get started? We would love to talk to you about your needs. Please call Marnie at (715) 977-0249 or email us at Once you are comfortable with the process, we will send you a questionnaire and get you the help you need! If you are ready now to begin the process, click here!

What is a Postpartum Doula? A Postpartum Doula is a caregiver specially trained to assist families in the weeks immediately following birth. They come into the home to assist with adjusting to life in caring for a new baby, teaching and supporting families in breast/bottle feeding, soothing, swaddling, changing, bathing, cord care, circumcision care, etc., and well as caring for the mother and family with general laundry, meals, home upkeep, errands/appointment accompaniment, sibling care assistance etc.

Some families hire Postpartum Doulas for daytime support, while others want overnight care. Overnight Postpartum Doulas care for the baby at night so the rest of the family can get a good night's sleep. Most Postpartum Doulas are equipped to handle families with multiples, care after cesarean, colic/fussiness, preemies with special needs like Apnea Monitors, oxygen, etc. They are also experienced in complications and issues with breastfeeding. Most have a list of resources that they can refer to if there is an issue beyond her scope of practice.


Postpartum Care 

Intermittent Hourly Care (minimum 16) 

There is a 4 hour daytime minimum and an 8 hour overnight minimum. Contracts are customized based upon your desired number of hours over a set period of time. With some limitations we will find a doula will be able to be your sole provider of care, unless your needs exceed 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week, in which case we will find a team of doulas to accommodate those expanded needs. These are hours frequently contracted prenatally when needs are not initially known, or purchased randomly postpartum as stages, teething, growth spurts, issues, illnesses or other needs arise.


Longer Term Care Package (minimum 500 hours)

If you are interested in booking a doula or team of doulas for a longer period of time to help with any combination of bed rest, extended care due to high needs babies, care for multiples or just to help put systems in place that align with your parenting philosophies on a longer term basis, a larger reserved and guaranteed package with a minimum of 500 hours offers the greatest discount off of our standard rate per hour and brings the hourly rate down. These hours can be used during your pregnancy and/or baby’ s first year of life as daytime hours, overnight shifts, special occasions, or a night away. We will establish a small set of doulas you can count on.

$28/hour with minimum 500 hours purchased

Newborn Care Specialist

The most popular package for parents within the critical first 4 weeks home. We offer part time or fulltime daytime shifts, focusing on the adjustment home with baby(ies). We will assist you in learning all the ins and outs of baby care including swaddling, soothing, feeding cues, breastfeeding, bathing, cord/circumcision care, as well as with light housework, light meal preparation including changing sheets, laundry, and more. We even can run errands or accompany you to appointments with baby(ies). Note: Hours must be used in the first 28 days home from the birth location. 

​Six - 4 hour days $750            Five - 8 hour days $1250

Build Your Own Package

Would you like a combination of day and night hours? Are you unsure of what you’ll need but know you want to schedule our services and lock in to a lower rate, and can commit to at least 24 hours? Here is the package for you. Mix and match day and night shifts, minimum of 4 hours each. Must commit to and pay for number hours in advance of care, not retroactive. 

24-40 hours = $31.25/hour

40-300 hours = $30.50/hour

300-499 hours = $29.75/hour​

Bed Rest Support

If you are placed on bed rest or have other special needs, or just need help getting ready for your baby(ies) in the last days, weeks or months of pregnancy, we are equipped to support you. Light housework, assistance in baby proofing, sibling care, nursery set-up, baby furniture and equipment assembly, freezer meal preparation, errands, accompaniment to appointments and other tasks are all part of our antepartum support package. This package is sold with either full day or half day options to be used as you need them.

5 – four hour days - $620                       5- eight hour days - $1225

Night Owl Service

Are you surprised at how exhausting caring for your bundle is? We are equipped to solve that and help you get the much needed sleep you deserve. Our doula will arrive fresh, rested and ready to care for your little one overnight, helping with light housework, laundry and dishes, as well as assisting with feedings, soothing, changing diapers and getting baby back to sleep. You will awake to a fresh breakfast, rested and ready for a new day with your baby. Most clients choose 10 PM-6 AM, but we may be able to accommodate 9 PM – 5 AM or 11 PM-7 AM as well.

5 – eight hour nights - $1225          14 – eight hour nights - $3400

Tuck-in Service

Are you having your baby at a local birth center? Are you concerned about going home within 4 hours after birth and being able to monitor the baby, your recovery process, and get settled in at home? Are you having a hospital or home birth, but are just concerned about those first few hours at home, getting adjusted? Are there older siblings, pets, in-laws or other introductions that may go smoother with a doula present? Would you like a nourishing meal, a sitz bath, or fresh sheets on the bed ready once you come home? Our Postpartum Doula Tuck in Service might be exactly what you need. Contract with us before you have your baby to let us know exactly what you would like from your tuck-in service. Once the baby is delivered, call us again, and we will assign a doula and plan a time to meet you at your home. We will greet you at the door, and help make the transition home exactly what you need.

4 hour Tuck In Service - $150

Travel Doula

Are you looking to travel with your baby, but are uneasy about juggling it all? Do you need to travel to pick up your baby due to surrogacy, adoption or other reasons, and don't want to do it alone? Would you like an extra set of hands so you and your spouse can still be close to baby, yet still enjoy your vacation? We have doulas who are ready and willing to travel with you.

Rate: $11/hour when "off duty", not responsible for responding to children or assisting parents in any capacity, $23/hour when "on duty", responsible for assisting in caring for children/responding to their needs/assisting parents antenatally.

All travel expenses: tickets, lodging (including private sleeping quarters), and meals must be paid for by client. 


Postpartum Doula Care in St Paul