For Doulas

Birth And Postpartum Doula And Childcare Provider Jobs in St Paul, ed WIng, Eau Claire, St. Cloud, Red WIng, Hudson areas

Are you a Birth or Postpartum Doula or Childcare Specialist who is ready to take your business to the next level?

Do you want to minimize wasting your time on interviews with families for which you are not a good fit?

Do you want to minimize spending advertising dollars and just get referrals to families who are seeking someone JUST LIKE YOU!

Can you be part of a supportive, learning, nurturing group of providers who value working as a team, and who are not selfish, jealous or catty?

Do you want a family of backup doulas who can cover for you in the event of illness, client overlap, daycare issues, vacations, etc.?

Do you want to have a safe, comfortable interview location with beverages and snacks provided?

Do you want free access to a lending library of books, videos, contracts, forms, and referral information?

Do you see Doula and childcare work as a profession, worthy of fair compensation, respect and teamwork?

Are you ready to have fun with other professionals, expand your business, and network with other professionals?

Do you want to still maintain your own private business, while still receiving assistance and referrals, not being bound to an absolute No Compete Clause?

Are you feeling taken advantage of by your current agency relationship, feeling underpaid and inconsistently utilized?‚Äč

Then DoulaFind is for you! 

How do I become a DoulaFind Doula? Your best bet is to set up a free interview appointment HERE. Otherwise, call or email, and we can set up a time to meet and go more in depth about what it means to be a DoulaFind Doula/Childcare Professional - no pressure. Call or email for more information or to attend one of our informational meetings. Be ready to start growing!